Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards." -Robert Heinlein

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Nigel Cawthorne

...That's me. I am the author of over a hundred and fifty books (making me britain's most published living author?), I am also a major contributor to at least twenty more all of which are available from bookshops and libraries. I live in a flat girlfriends have described as a book-writing factory in Bloomsbury, London's literary area, and write in the great British Library, which is supposed to be one of the best pick-up joints in London. However, my reputation is such that people will tell you I am a more often seen drinking in Soho's famous bohemian watering hole, the French pub - still known to some denizens as the Yorkminster - with a beautiful young black woman on my arm.

The people there will tell you I write sex books. It's true. I am certainly most famous for my Sex Lives series which now reached its dirty dozen with Sex Lives of the Popes, Sex Lives of the US Presidents, Sex Lives of the Great Dictators, Sex Lives of the Hollywood Goddesses, Sex Lives of the Hollywood Idols, Sex Lives of the Great Artists, Sex Lives of the Great Composers, Sex Lives of the Famous Gays, Sex Lives of the Famous Lesbians and Sex Lives of the Roman Emperors. These are currently in print and can be obtained from or the publisher's website at For suggestions for new titles in the series contact Carlton Publishing Group through their website at or my contact page. And don't forget to add your comments on the current titles to the reviews on I need to know that you like them.Then there are my Old England books. So far The Strange Laws of Old England and The Curious Cures of Old England are doing storming business. More Old England titles are on their way. Send suggestions for more in the series to my contact page.

Also on are old illustrated hardback copies of Sex Lives of the Kings and Queens of England, written before we switched to the new paperback format. And you can find a U.S. version of Sex Lives of the US Presidents called Sex Lives of the Presidents published by St Martin's Press in New York after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. It has an extra chapter added, telling that salacious tale. During the scandal St Martin's Press had me updating the book week by week on their website, because Bill was throwing them faster than I could catch them. You can obtain Sex Lives of the Presidents from or

My Sex Lives books are now available in around twenty-three other languages, including Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Slovene, Polish, Lithuanian, Lativan, Croatian, Korean, Chinese and Malay. I am particularly big in the Baltic apparently, and I am gradually taking over Latin America. It seems they like sex down there. In fact, the whole world seems to like sex. To find out whether my Sex Lives books are published in the language you want contact Carlton Publishing Group on or check out an online bookshop catering for the language concerned. For more information about my Sex Lives books, go to my Sex Lives page.

Before I discovered Sex Lives - though fortunately not before I discovered sex - I was known for my work on prisoners of war. In 1990, I wrote The Bamboo Cage: The Full Story of American Servicemen Still Held Hostage in Southeast Asia, which the British newspaper Today called "the book America dare not publish". Indeed, it has never been published in the United States. I came across the story when writing on the partwork Nam which was a bestseller across Europe. Unbeknownst to me or the UK publisher, my issue of Eyewitness Nam on the MIAs - American servicemen listed as "missing in action" - was distributed to Congressmen and sold at the Republican convention. In 1992, I was called to testify to the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, who agreed with my conclusion. They admitted that American prisoners of war had been left behind in Communist hands in 1973. However, their conclusion was hidden away in a 1,000-page report no one was going to read. They also concluded that the MIAs were now all dead, which may be true. But strangely the U.S. Senate did not feel that it was their duty to discover when and how U.S. servicemen that had sent to fight to foreign war might have died.

Following that, in 1993, I published The Iron Cage which shows that 31,000 British prisoners of war held by the Germans in 1945 disappeared into the Soviet Gulags and never returned. the British Ministry of Defence claims it is still investigating this issue. Twenty thousand U.S. PoWs disappeared the same way. Both The Bamboo Cage and The Iron Cage can be downloaded from or

If you prefer my funny stuff, you can also download my comic novels Magical Mythtery Tour, The Alien Who Thought He Was Elvis and The History of the SS Cricket Team from or

For more serious stuff read Daughter of Heaven, the true story of the only woman to ever become Emperor of China, or Reaping the Whirlwind the story of World War II told using the diaries and letters of ordinary Germans and Japanese soldiers and civilians.

I also had a successful art series with Hamlyn, until the U.S. co-publisher went bust. Published titles include The Art of Japanese Prints, The Art of India, The Art of Native North America, The Art of the Aztecs and The Art of Icons. These are available on and in bookshops. The last in the series, The Art of Frescoes, was not published as a book, but can be downloaded from or It is available to any publisher who wants to pick up the series. In fact, the rights all the books on and have reverted to me, so are available for publication. These include three true-life crime books - Spree Killers, Sex Killers and Satanic Murder - and a book about America's first officer and his office - The Presidency.

And there is more sex. Also available to download are the definitive sex books The Vulva: An Exploration of the Female Genitalia through Art and Literature and The Secrets of Love, which you can also find in published form in English and Norwegian. Try or some bookshop or other in Norway. For more information about material of mine available for publication see the projects on offer page. I also write books and journalism to order. See the editorial services page.

If you want more controversy, try Takin' Back My Name - The Confessions of Ike Turner. We spent three years in court over that one. Try a local bookshop or I had to buy a couple of copies from myself recently. People keep stealing them from my apartment.

And there are also a lot of potboilers out there for the serious fan: The New Look - The Dior Revolution,Great Record Labels, The Sixties Source Book, The Winning System, How to Assess Mortgages and Loans, How to Build an Airliner, The Loving Touch, A Century of Shoes, Images of the Cat, World's Greatest Royal Scandals, World's Greatest Political Scandal, World's Greatest Cults, World's Greatest Alien Abductions, World's Worst Atrocities, World's Greatest Serial Killers, 911 Exposed, Steps, Another Level, 5ive, B*Witched. Well, I have to make a living.

I have a series of military and history books in the UK and US. The first titles were Turning the Tide Decisive Battles of World War II and Fighting Them on the Beaches D-Day June 6, 1944. These were followed by Vietnam A War Lost and Won, Steel Fist, Panzer, A History of the Pirates, Witch Hunt, Shipwrecks, D-Day: Dawn of Heroes, Battles of the Second World War, 100 Tyrants and Despots, 100 Disasters that Shock the World and100 Great Military Commanders. More will follow.

Then there is a biggy from Random House - The Empress of South America. This is the true story of an Irish prostitute who destroyed the wealthiest country in Latin America, killing over a million people in the process and stealing its treasury. She went on to become its national heroine.

Then I had a surprise bestseller with Strange Laws of Old England Christmas 2004 and have followed up with Curious Cures of Old England and Amorous Antics of Old England.