"With 500 years of Royal sex scandals, this is the ultimate trash beach read this summer." -24 Seven

sex lives of the kings and queens of england

Sex Lives of the Kings and Queens of EnglandEngland's next king, Prince Charles, was bonking a married women, Mrs Camilla Parker-Bowles, while his lovely wife Princess Di was bonking everyone in sight. While this was in a long tradition of regal infidelity, most kings found a mistress who was more attractive than his official partner. Sadly Charles did not follow the example of his father, who shagged his way through a bevy of beautiful actresses, while the Queen herself went to stud with her racing manager Lord Porchester. Camilla Parker-Bowles introduced herself to Princess Charles as the great great granddaughter of the last mistress of his distinguished forbear, Edward VII, better known as Edward the Caresser. Had Charles followed in Edward's footsteps, who, as Bertie, Queen Victoria's Prince of Wales, bedded some of the most beautiful women in the world, he might have been as popular. Or better, he should have looked back to the last King Charles - Charles II - who secured the Restoration of the crown by entertaining the people of England with demonstrations of his sexual prowess with Nell Gwyn and many, many others. Queen Anne was a lesbian. William and Mary? They both swang both ways. But Henry VIII was no stud. He was the only king who had more wives than mistresses - and he could not be depended on to get it up. This is revolutionary stuff. Sexual satire was used to destabilise the French royal family and prepare them for the guillotine. Now I spill the beans on the bedroom behaviour of the British royal family. Up the Revolution.

Sex Lives of the Kings and Queens of England is part of my Sex Lives series.

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